About Mobelo

At Mobelo, we believe that time and freedom are the most valuable assets that one has. We want to assure you can spend your time with your love ones, have time to achieve your goals, have the freedom to follow your dreams and explore new places. Mobelo aspires to makes it easy for city dwellers to furnish their homes without spending a fortune or hurting the planet in the process.

We want to change the way people consumer furniture into a sharing economy to create a more sustainable planet.

Home is not a place…it´s a feeling.

We from Mobelo are not only aware of the pain we have personally been through uncountable relocations during our studies and job changes.

We have the team, we know the pain and we have a smart solution to provide you the freedom and flexibility you deserve. For this reason, we offer a furniture subscription service that offers a flexible and sustainable alternative to ownership.

The name “Mobelo” was reformed by the German term for furniture “Möbel” and should spread the German origin of the idea. Most importantly, we want to provide a more sustainable way to consume furniture in future which is why the two circles in Mobelo put together represent an infinity symbol and a circular economy. Our company exists to make moving, and dealing with furniture more sustainable and hassle-free. Germans are also moving and changing more than ever before — so our goal is to make it simpler for people to live more flexible and change easily.


We believe that the world has been rapidly changing. we stop owning house, because we need “a place to live” and freedom to move. We use car sharing, because we require “mobility” and free from taking care of the car. Furniture will head to the same direction. You need a “home” without the furniture stopping you from your opportunities.

We cater “home” feeling with high-quality furniture. You free your time from hassles, avoid the cost of delivery, assembly or even move-in with the one you love.

Mobelo Members have access to high-quality furniture at a low monthly price with the option to add, swap, buy, or return when life or tastes change.

  • You choose the furniture sets or individual items you’d like to subscribe to
  • Then select your preferred subscription period and delivery date
  • On that date we transport all furniture to your home and assemble them for free • In addition, we take all packaging material with us
  • And you are ready to enjoy your furnished home

Check out our items online, or pick up the phone if you have questions, and we will be waiting on the other line. We promise to be resourceful, regardless if you want to join us.

We only source high-quality items from sustainable suppliers. We will update our website with their name when they stop being so shy. Nonetheless, you might actually recognize their designs yourself.

Once you’ve found your perfect pieces, place your order and request your delivery date. We can often deliver many items within two weeks, whereby you can choose your preferred delivery date.

When your order is confirmed, we will prepare the items for delivery, and our account managers will be your buddy to answer all lingering questions. Our free assembly and delivery service are included to get you fully set up in your new home. One month before your subscription contract comes to an end, we will contact you to remind you about your options:

  • Extent
  • Swap
  • Buy
  • Or Unsubscribe and have a temporary goodbye with us.

All of our plans have set minimums based on the number of months you need your furniture. The monthly minimums are:

  • 12-Month Plan: €69/month
  • Subscription plans for fewer months are COMING SOON

Currently, we do not offer design services or in-home consultations, but we hope to soon!

We can deliver many items within 2 weeks and sometimes we are able to deliver faster. If you need items to be delivered via our express service let us know via chat and we’ll do everything we can to help out.

We deliver for free anywhere in Frankfurt, Offenbach, Dietzebach, Neu-Isenburg or Darmstadt.

For deliveries beyond our standard delivery zone, we can often deliver for a small fee. Get in touch with us and we’ll let you know!

We would love to work with people who share the same vision. Feel free to send us your CV and motivation letter via email info@mobelo24.de. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Delivery & Pick-up

Prior to delivery, we’ll have worked with you to coordinate all details pertaining to insurance, elevators, and tight entrances, which can affect our seamless delivery experience (It’s highly recommended that you inform us about tight entrances before delivery!). We’ll also scheduled an 1-hour arrival window, and a 3-hour total delivery window to help account for unexpected delays.

Our delivery team will reach out to you 30 minutes prior to their arrival. When they arrive, they’ll introduce themselves and get right to work on unloading your items and bringing them into your home. The average delivery takes approximately 90 minutes. Most items will arrive to your home having already been fully assembled, but larger items like beds, sofas, and some dining tables may be delivered in pieces and assembled once we are in your space.

We do not require that you be home during your delivery. If your schedule does not allow for you to receive your items, we’re happy to be let in by a neighbor, friend, building concierge or four-legged friend.

Similar to delivery day, you’ll be contacted when our team is 30 minutes away. We’ll arrive to disassemble larger items, wrap everything for safe traveling and storage, and wish to see you next time.

We aim to make one smooth trip with all of the items on your order. If certain items cause an unusual delay, we may be able to accommodate a quicker delivery by suggesting available products or by making an additional trip, which may incur a fee.

You should feel no obligation to or not to tip. Tips are not expected, but we also know how to appreciate your kindness.

Flexibility & Plan Length

When your plan is up, you’ve always got 4 options including: -Renew your plan and pay at least 15% less if your renew for at least the same number of months as in your original contract

  • Swap items in or out based on your changing style, taste, or preferences;
  • Buy your furniture from us with a big discount (you have already paid for the discount part);
  • Unsubscribe and return your furniture to us (we’ll pick it up).

Simply let us know, we will adjust the charge to fit with your new plan. There is no fee for cancellation or termination. Pick up fee in the end will be the only fee (for 119€).

Our shortest subscription length right now is 12 months. However, we will support fewer months length in couple of months.

While the longest plan length you’ll be able to select (at least initially) is 12 months, keeping your furniture longer is easy. As your subscription contract comes to an end, we’ll remind you of your options to add, swap, extent, return or buy. If you renew for at least the same number of months as in your original contract you will also receive at least 15% discount per product.

1 month prior to the end of your plan. We will send you an email reminding you about all the options you have.

A few weeks before your subscription contract is over, a member of our team will reach out to discuss your flexibility options, which include: renewing, swapping, buying, or returning items.

If you need to schedule a pick up before the expected end of your subscription, you can get in touch with us via email info@mobelo24.de and our team members will be more than happy to help you.

We can swing back to add new items. Our first delivery is always free, but we charge €99 for additional trips out. We are trying our best to give you more flexibility when it comes to removing items from current plan. When this feature is possible, you will be the first to know.

Damage & Insurance

If you use our insurance option. You will get Certificate of Insurance.

We understand that things happen. In general, a little wear and tear is acceptable — we expect you to use your furniture. As long as your furniture is in respectable shape, there’s nothing to worry about. With that said, we do reserve the right to charge the customer for the cost of a fix or replacement if the furniture is deemed to require more thorough care.

Missing and broken are rarely happening. In all cases, you will never need to pay more than the retail price minus what you have paid during your subscription period.


Looking for the “hidden fees”? There aren’t any. We strive to make all of our costs as clear as possible, so you never feel caught off guard. Here’s how everything breaks down:

  • Delivery, assembly and set up: Free!
  • Return cost: We keep it simple, you will pay a flat fee of 119€ for us to come disassemble and pick up your items.
  • VAT tax is included in the price.

If you need to update your credit or debit card information, you can send us a request email on info@mobelo24.de. Our account managers will contact you to help your case.

Your credit cards will be charged after you click subscription from our website. We will charge only the amount of months according to your subscription contracts. You will have the option to pay per month or pay upfront.


We’re here to help with any questions you have. The fastest way to reach us is always via chat on our site, but we’re also available via phone at +49 1578 9008685. General and press inquiries can be sent to info@mobelo24.de

For large orders or multiple apartments, please reach out to info@mobelo24.de we can certainly provide you with a special discount. However, the common rule is the longer you subscribe for our service the cheaper it will be.

Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Reach us via chat or phone (+49 1578 9008685) to let us know what’s gone wrong and we’ll be sure to fix it up as soon as possible

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